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Types of Intrinsic Barriers

Apr 08 , 2021

Intrinsic barrier is a protective device for electrical equipment (such as gas detectors, fire detectors, alarms) installed in hazardous areas, which can protect the device from current surge, or risk turning the device into a source of ignition.


These isolated barriers limit the transfer of energy into hazardous areas, preventing the possibility of catching fire in a flammable atmosphere.


I. What are the types of intrinsic barriers?

1. Isolation barrier (current isolator) in intrinsic barrier

In addition to its explosion-proof function, the isolated barrier by CHENZHU, a reputable company specializing in safety automation system, also provides current isolation to protect measurement and control circuits from signal distortion and dangerous surges. These interface modules can also convert, standardize and separate measurement and control signals.


2. Zener barrier (parallel diode safety gate) in intrinsic barrier

Zener isolation barrier in intrinsic barrier prevents excessive energy transfer from nonhazardous area to danger area. These interface modules are the right choice when current isolation is not required or provided in other ways.


II. Application of IS barrier

The intrinsic IS barrier should be located between the equipment in the hazardous area and the control equipment (installed in the safe area).