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CZSR Classic Series Safety Relay is a classic general-purpose safety relay with high-cost performance, suitable for various industrial automation applications. Including E-stop buttons, safety gates, light beam devices, two-hand control buttons, safety mats, and extension modules. It can be operated in single or double channel mode, manual or automatic reset, and with the function of monitoring the short circuit between channels. 

When safety sensors detected the signal like the dangerous fault of equipment, malfunction of the operator or stop command issued by operators, safety control relay will process these signals and transfer the information to motion controllers and cut the power source of mechanical equipment, so that equipment will go into a safe state and protect the safety of personnel and equipment.

FAQ of CZSR Classic Series Safety Relay


How to choose safety relay?


The following 5 things can be chosen according to the multiple input devices of the safety circuit:

(1) Input device

(2) Number of output channels

(3) Back-end driving capability requirements

(4) Security level

(5) Functional requirements

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