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Power transmitter can transfer complicated current like 0~1A/0~5A/0~10A into industry-standard output, adopting the true RMS detection technology. We offer DC supply (True RMS) or AC supply for your choice.

Voltage transmitter can be used in the detection of the non-sinusoidal current signal, such as switching mode power supply, thyristor output current, etc. The carrier current transmitter needs an independent 24V power supply. Input, output, and power supply are each galvanically isolated. Dielectric strength between input side and power, the output is 4kV. The low or high power transmitter adopts DIN35mm rail mounting, compact and convenient for installation on site. All in all, the transmitter has the good character of automation and safety, just like other interface products created by Chenzhu.

FAQ of Power Transmitter


What is a power transmitter?


A power transmitter is a measuring instrument that converts the measured power( AC voltage, AC current, reactive power, reactive energy, frequency, phase, power factor, DC voltage, DC current, etc.) into a linear proportional DC current or voltage output( electrical pulse output). It is widely used in electric power, petroleum, coal, metallurgy, railways and other departments of electrical measurement, automatic control and scheduling systems.

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