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CZSR Process Series Safety Relay

Since the beginning of the industrial age, examples of critical processes have been common. Safety instrumented systems are most commonly used in process (such as refineries, chemical, nuclear power) facilities to provide protection. A SIS is designed to perform "specific control functions" to protect the process from failure or maintain safe operations in the event of an unacceptable or dangerous situation. 

CZSR Process range is a process automation direct safety relay, suitable for various SIS systems, and has a wide range of project applications.

FAQ of CZSR Process Series Safety Relay

Are there recommended models for safety relays suitable for process control SIS systems? + -

Single channel, safety switch: CZSR8401-1A

Dual channel, safety switch: CZSR8401-2A

Single channel, safety switch, loop monitoring: CZSR8001-3A1B

Single channel, safety switch, loop monitoring, fault feedback: CZSR8001-2A2B

Can SIS system use ordinary relay? + -

The diagnostic coverage of typical relays is relatively poor, there is no Fail-Safe related configuration, and there is no self-diagnostic feature. Therefore in some safety automation systems, where the level is relatively low, such as SIL1 may be used. But at SIL2 and above, It is usually a safety relay with high diagnostic coverage and self-diagnosis function.

What's the Proof test function of Safety Relay? + -

Safety relay is combined with 3 relays and other integrated circuit. Proof-test is to check every relay's function when customer maintains their SIS system to confirm SIF's SIL grade.

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