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Shanghai Chenzhu Instrument CO., LTD.

CHENZHU, a reliable temperature sensor and transmitter manufacturer, provides a large range of head-mounted temperature transmitters at an affordable price. Working principle of intrinsically safe temperature transmitter: the thermometer transmitter transforms the temperature into an electrical signal no matter how tiny the amount of the signal might be. 

CHENZHU provides RTD input, TC input and RTD/TC input thermistor temperature transmitters. Based on the safety and automation system, thermocouple temperature transmitters play an important role in the industrial field. 

Different types of temp transmitters are available in CHENZHU. Some are designed to be explosion-proof, some are equipped with displays. Our smart temperature transmitters are especially popular among customers and are widely used for industrial purposes.

FAQ of Temperature Transmitter


What is temperature transmitter?


The temperature transmitter used RTD/TC as thermometers to temperature convert temperature variables into instruments that can transmit standardized output signals. Typically, a TC or RTD temperature transmitter sends or transmits a standardized output signal to a control device. Common electrical output signals are 4-20mA or 0-10V DC range in manufacturing plants.


What is the difference between a temperature sensor and a temperature transmitter?


Like type 1 or type 2 surge protection device, a temperature sensor is also a device. It provides temperature measurements by electrical signals. Temperature sensors have the ability to measure solids, liquids, or gases. Sensors are made up of two metals that generate voltage or resistance when temperature changes are detected.

Although temperature sensors can determine if a temperature change has occurred, they do not send a signal about the temperature change. This is where the temperature transmitter works. The role of the intrinsically safe thermocouple transmitter is to isolate the temperature signal, filter any EMC noise, amplify the temperature sensor signal and convert it to a 4-20mA or 0-10V DC range. The temperature transmitter is connected to the sensor and sends a signal about the temperature change so that the technician can inspect the machine.

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