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CZ2000 range signal conditioners use high-efficiency electromagnetic isolation technology to achieve reliable galvanic isolation among power supply, input, and output, which effectively solves the problem of field interference in industrial automation control systems. 

This signal conditioning equipment ensures a stable and reliable operation of the system. By using the advanced low power dissipation technology, optocoupler analog signal conditioning achieves low-power dissipation, low-heat, high-precision signal conversion under 7.6mm ultra-thin housing, ensuring long-term reliability in the high-density installation, saving the cabinet installation space.

FAQ of CZ2000 Series Voltage Signal Conditioner


What are the main differences between CHENZHU's CZ2000 range, CZ3000 range and CZ3500 range analog voltage isolators?


The housing of CZ2000 range is only 7.6mm, which can reduce the installation space in the control cabinet. Support screw terminals.

The CZ3000 range signal conditioners by CHENZHU, a reliable company providing safety automation system service, support two channels signal transmission and screw terminals/pluggable terminals.

The CZ3500 range is an upgraded version of the CZ3000 range. The products of this range support bus power supply.


How to use signal isolator to reduce eliminate ground loop problems?


Having problems with your electrical instrumentation and  process controls? When two points of a circuit are intended to have the same ground reference potential but different potentials between them, ground loop occurs. Interference harms include reflect the process conditions, damage the instrument and cause shutsown.

Almost every isolated power supply is built around transformer isolation and intrinsic barrier

Dc-to-DC conversions are complex, and increasing isolation makes it more difficult to design from scratch. However, CHENZHU has adopted this complexity by using a signal isolator to "disconnect" the current path between the two ground. When the conductive path between differential voltages is disconnected, no current is formed. Therefore, even if there are two grounds and each ground has a different voltage, there is no current flow.

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