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Interface Product Used in Wind Power

Wind energy is a promising clean energy source. Wind turbine is the main power mainly equipment of wind farm, which converts wind energy into mechanical energy, and converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. 

The large and high-altitude operation of the fan is destined to be difficult to operate in the infrastructure and maintenance, and the main power supply, process control, network a communication of the fan equipment, the field equipment needs high-level anti-surge shock and safety protection, and improves the reliability and availability of the safety automation system and equipment. 

CHENZHU provides all kinds of high-quality signals, power SPD, signal conditioner, isolated barriers, safety relays, power transmitters and other safety interface products. 

They ensure that the main control system of wind turbines in the harsh lightning, electromagnetic pulses, electrical parameters changes, such as the case of equipment power supply and signal transmission can be long-term safe and reliable work.


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