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Screw Mounting SPD

CZLBX-48 series surge protective device is designed for protesting devices in the field instruments which is usually caused by lightning strikes.

FAQ of Screw Mounting SPD

How to select Screw Mounting SPD? + -

1. Wires

This industrial surge protection device supports 2 wires, 3 wires, and 4 wires.

2. Is there a backup electrical interface?

Yes: CZLBX-48 in-union

None: Series CZLBX-48-S

3. Male thread

Normal male thread include: 1/2’NPT,3/4’NPT,M20*15,G 1/2,G 3/4.

How do field instruments protect against lightning? + -

In addition to shielding, power level connection and other measures, but also to install on-site instrumentation SPD.

According to the wire, thread specifications, installation methods to select the right products, you can consider using rail-type SPD installed in a nearby wiring box, according to the actual situation can be used different measures.

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