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Like all outdoor buildings, photovoltaic devices are vulnerable to lightning strikes. By far the biggest culprit for the power surges that damage solar panels are direct and indirect lightning strikes on the system. As one of safety automation system devices, our solar SPD DC power surge protectors help prevent DC overvolt voltage damage caused by lightning surges and other strong changes in power.

T range SPD DC surge protection devices for circuits are designed according to the IEC and GB standards and apply to low voltage DC systems. This DC surge arrester or suppressor by CHENZHU, a professional surge protection device manufacturer, enables the connection between the power supply system and an equipotential network instantaneously when the surge occurs and limits the residual voltage to a certain level to protect the devices protected.

Various types of DC voltage spike protection devices for circuits are available for you to select, such as dc spd type 2, 1000 V DC SPD. Buy our high quality DC power SPD right now and get the most competitive price.

FAQ of DC Power SPD


How to select SPD for DC power?


1. Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc

2. Discharging capacity

3. Combination


Does the surge protector need power?


The surge protector does not require power and can be serially or parallel into the signal circuit.

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