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Interface Product Used in Petrochemical

Safety is a primary focus in the petrochemical industry wherein different process steps, such as cracking, condensation, or distillation, the respective intermediate or finished products are manufactured under defined pressure and temperature conditions. 

As an instrument maintainer of instrument control systems, CHENZHU's intrinsic isolated barrier receives and processes signals from hazardous areas and transmits them to safe areas or hazardous areas after processing safety signals. 

The barrier is a typical product of the safety automation system

As shown in the picture, the construction and working of the offshore oil platform are huge and onerous. Frankly, though the barrier is small, it plays an important role in the whole system.

CHENZHU Safety Automation System in Petrochemical

CHENZHU Intrinsic Safety Barrier in Petrochemical

CHENZHU Automation Safety in Petrochemical


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