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CHENZHU SPD (surge protection device) lightning surge protection circuit device has a fast and powerful surge current leakage capacity. In the lightning surge interference, the lightning proof surge protector for electrical panel ensures the safety of the industrial automation control system a variety of field equipment and control equipment. 

The SPD 3 phase industrial power strip surge protector created by Chenzhu, one of the most professional surge protection equipment manufacturers, has integrated lightning-proof technology, intrinsic safety explosion-proof technology, and functional automation safety technology. As a result, the SPD electrical surge protection device by CHENZHU, a reliable SPD enterprise, is the first 20kA anti-surge capacity of the leading products in China. The SPD panel box surge protector supplied by CHENZHU is also an important part of the safety automation system like the intrinsic isolated barrier, signal conditioner, safety relay, etc.

FAQ of Surge Protection Device


How Does A Surge Protection Device Working?


Whether it's type 1, 4 pole or type 2, multi pole SPD surge protection device, both type 1 and type 2 surge arresters prevent devices from being damaged by a surge (transient overvoltage) by discharging surge current to the ground. The type 1 & type 2 surge protection unit will be generated. When a lightning strike occurs, the high-power devices are switched on or off, electrostatic charges are discharged. These happen every day.



Is A Surge Protection Necessary?


Whether to install SPD or not is generally determined by two aspects.

First, it's the probability of equipment being invaded by surges, such as local thunderstorm days, system environment, equipment location, etc. Second, it's the importance of the equipment, such as the value of the equipment itself, the safety requirements of the system, the importance of the equipment in the system control.

In a way, it is necessary to buy SPD for safety. CHENZHU, as a professional SPD company (SPD factory/ SPD manufacturer/ SPD supplier), has high-quality SPD for sale such as our AC power surge protection device. If you want to know the SPD surge protection device price, please contact us. 


What Is Type 2 Surge Protection Device?


According to the level of lightning risk, space is divided into different lightning protection zones (LPZ).

LPZ0A means the area without any protection and is threatened by direct lightning strikes and all lightning electromagnetic pulses.

LPZ0B means that there is no direct lightning risk in this area, but it is threatened by all lightning electromagnetic pulses.

LPZ1 means that there is no risk of direct lightning strikes in this area, and the internal lightning electromagnetic pulse has been attenuated after being shielded.

LPZ2~n indicates that there is no risk of a direct lightning strike in this area, and the internal lightning electromagnetic pulse continues to attenuate after being shielded again.

SPD is generally installed at the junction of different lightning protection zones, and the corresponding SPD can be selected according to the lightning protection zone where the SPD is located. SPD puts the high-energy surge discharge into the ground and limits the overvoltage entering the system and equipment to a safe level, thereby playing an effective protective role.

Type 2 Surge Protection Device

①T1 Power SPD      ②T2 Power SPD      ③T2 Power SPD      ④IS SPD

⑤Network SPD     ⑥Network SPD     ⑦ Screw Mounting SPD   ④Signal SPD


How Long Can SPD Lifetime Be?


SPD has a limited life. The performance of SPD internal electronic components, such as gas discharge tube, varistor, transient suppression diode, diode, etc., will be affected when it discharges surge current. If SPD discharges too many times of surge current, it will cause performance degradation. In addition, due to the influence of temperature and humidity, the performance of components will gradually degrade. According to IEC 61508-2 2010,, the useful lifetime lies within a range of 8 to 12 years. It can, however, be significantly less if elements are operated near their specification limits. For example, in outdoor high temperature and high humidity conditions, the expected lifetime of SPD is 3-5 years. If the surge protection system voltage is close to the maximum continuous working voltage of SPD, or overvoltage occurs frequently, the lifetime of SPD will be even shorter.

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