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Details to Pay Attention to in Signal Isolators

Apr 01 , 2021

Ⅰ. Introduction of signal isolators

Signal isolator adopts a linear optocoupler isolation principle that converts input signals into output signals. Input, output and working power sources are isolated from each other, which is especially suitable for equipment and instruments that need electrical isolation. Signal isolator, also known as isolator, is an important part of industrial control system. In addition to the functional aspects of signal isolator, we also need to pay attention to a few details.

Ⅱ. Details to pay attention to in signal isolators

1. Signal isolator's supply voltage: 

As for products such as signal converter, we generally choose the working voltage of the power supply which is 20~35VDC, so that we can use the power transformer in the control box to ensure a stable power supply. In addition, signal isolator uses screws to tighten the connection to ensure the credibility of the power supply connection.


2. Signal isolator's internal temperature raising: 

One of the key functions of signal isolator by CHENZHU, a reputable company specializing in automation and safety, is to steadily optimize software electromagnetic interference problems. In order to ensure long-term and stable operation, it is important to consider whether signal isolator can be reliable for a long time. People will generally choose load allocation, ultra-low temperature power consumption and technical products.


3. The self-protection ability of signal isolator:

Apart from suppressing the electromagnetic interference in the data signal loop in analog signal isolator, the anti-interference of signal isolator itself must also be taken into account. If isolator itself can not work normally under electromagnetic interference, how can it have a good impact on the circuit? Therefore, signal isolator has EMC maintenance components such as signal surge, static induction, transmission in the port.


4. The warranty period of signal isolator:

Warranty period is the quality assurance of the products and also reflects the service ability of the manufacturer.


The signal isolator of CHENZHU adopts three-terminal isolation technology of power, input and output to break the interference ground loop and eliminate the interference signal to form a grounding loop through the IO card, so as to ensure the purity and stability of the control signal. At the same time, signal isolator itself has a strong filtering function, in case of strong interference, restrain the propagation of the interference signal and ensure the stability of the signal, supporting 5-year warranty.

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