Shanghai Chenzhu Instrument CO., LTD.
Shanghai Chenzhu Instrument CO., LTD.
CHENZHU manufactures the most reliable interface product for safety automation system. We are here to help your device run more safely. Here you can not only get world-class products, but also outstanding service for safety and automation system.
CHENZHU continuously improves its technology based on the experience and knowledge from different application requirements. Since 2002, more than several million sets of CHENZHU products have been sold all over the country, providing the safest protection for all industries.
  • Petrochemical
    The petrochemical industry is a pillar industry in many countries. However , the production of chemical products for naturalgas and petroleum puts high demands on process instruments. The high precision and quality of CHENZHU'S time-provenproducts lead to maximized reliability, safety, efficiency, and profitabilit.
    Interface Product Used in Petrochemical
  • Chemical
    As we all know, chemical enterprises belong to high-risk enterprises, in the production and operation of easy to explode and other major accidents. Explosions occur when the following three conditions are meet at the scene: explosive substances, oxygen, detonating sources, such as sparks of sufficient energy or surface temperatures of objects high enough.
    Interface Product Used in Chemical
  • Gas
    The gas industry has flammable and explosive characteristics. In order to avoid hazardous situations, flammable fuel must be transported and stored appropriately. From natural gas processing and refining, CHENZHU supports you with a wide range of instrumentation.
    Interface Product Used in Gas
  • Thermal Power
    Thermal power is a power station in which heat energy is converted into electrical energy. In most cases, steam-driven turbines convert heat into mechanical energy, which is used as the middle of electrical energy. Water is heated, turned into steam, and drives steam turbines, which drive generators. After the steam passes through the turbine, it condenses in the condenser and then circulates to the heated place.
    Interface Product Used in Thermal Power
  • Wind Power
    Wind energy is a promising clean energy source. Wind turbine is the main power mainly equipment of wind farm, which converts wind energy into mechanical energy, and converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The large and high-altitude operation of the fan is destined to be difficult to operate in the infrastructure and maintenance, and the main power supply, process control, network a communication of the fan equipment, the field equipment needs high-level anti-surge shock and safety protection, and improve the reliability and availability of the system and equipment.
    Interface Product Used in Wind Power
  • Water Treatment
    The water treatment process is complex. In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of water treatment processes and equipment and scientific management processes, the importance of automated water treatment control is constantly reflected.
    Interface Product Used in Water Treatment
  • Metallurgy
    CHENZHU independently developed intrinsic Isolated Barrier, signal conditioner, SPD, temperature transmitters and other products long-term protection of the metallurgical industry automation system operation safety, successfully applied to the metallurgical industry, such as blast furnaces, furnaces, sintering, coking, industrial furnaces, heating furnaces, oxygen machines, alumina, copper smelting and other steel and non-ferrous metal smelting and processing processes.
    Interface Product Used in Metallurgy
  • Pharmaceutical
    CHENZHU's safety interface products for the pharmaceutical industry DCS automation control system involving the biochemical process of key industrial equipment or industrial processes, such as fermentation tanks, reactors, extraction tanks, evaporators, etc. allows automation of manufacturing processes.
    Interface Product Used in Pharmaceutical
  • Robots
    With the continuous production problems in the process of industrial production, the safety of industrial production has been paid attention to, which is particularly important in the field of safety of people and robot. Most robots require e-stop and some type of fence circuit for their safety functions.
    Interface Product Used in Robots
  • Machinery
    Heavy equipment and industrial machines are more complex than ever. In an increasingly competitive market, companies must ensure the stability of their equipment and the safety of their personnel. CHENZHU supports general machinery manufacturing companies with instrument solutions and services.
    Interface Product Used in Machinery

Established in 2002, CHENZHU has developed as a manufacturing center that is able to manufacture 4 main categories of the product (Isolated Barrier, Signal Conditioner, Surge Protective Device, Safety Relay) with 18 ranges of series. In all, we have more than 500 plus models and more than 2000 specifications that can be configured to fit your needs.

 CHENZHU strives to provide high-quality products and services to meet the expectations of our customers and interested parties by delivering outstanding performance. We have special talents to research and develop safety and automation system. Indeed, automation and safety are our interface products' main characters.

To Know CHENZHU More
One-stop Service

Experienced engineering staff, pre-sales serviceand post-sale support

Professional Experience

More than 20 years focus on safety protection in the field of industrial automation safety. 2000 +customers, 5500+projection application

Professional Technology

More than 135 pantents core tech, nearly a third ofemployees are R & D Team

Better Quality Control

All the production data is recorded and trackedby material or QR code, ensure the productquality meets customer requirements

5 Years Warranty

Since 2013 Chenzhu launched a 5-yearwarranty, life-long service standards responsiblefor maintenance

Smart Production

With annual 3 million pcs production capacityour smart and flexible manufacturing process Isdesigned to carter your application need in shortprocessing time

Established in 2002, CHENZHU has developed as a manufacturing centre that is able to manufacture 4 main categories of the product (Isolated Barrier, Signal Conditioner, Surge Protective Device, Safety...
We have over 24 years experience in design and manufacturer of Automation Safety Interface Products.
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