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Safety Relay

Automation direct safety monitering relays are mainly applied to the safety control circuit, connecting the safety sensing elements and mechanical equipment motion controller. The working principle of safety relay interlock system: when there is a fault in the safety circuit, the intrinsically safe barrier relay automatically detects the fault and stops the machine movement, to protect equipment and personnel safety. 

Chenzhu solid state safety relay is the first product to get  PLe/Cat.4, SIL3 certified in China mainland. Automation and safety is the main character of the programmable safety relay module that you can be assured.

Various safety relay products are available for you to select. We have safety relay for E-stop buttons, emergency stop buttons, two-hand control buttons. We also provide light curtain safety relay, sil 2 and sil 3 rated relays to better meet the needs of our customers. For more information, please feel free to contact us.           

Safety Relay Types

CZSR Classic Series Safety Relay
CZSR Classic Series Safety Relay
CZSR Classic Series Safety Relay is a classic general-purpose safety relay with high cost performance, suitable for various industrial automation applications. Including E-stop buttons, safety gates, light beam devices, two-hand control buttons, safety mats and extension module.
CZSR Process Series Safety Relay
CZSR Process Series Safety Relay
​Since the beginning of the industrial age, examples of critical processes have been common. Safety instrumented systems are most commonly used in process (such as refineries, chemical, nuclear power) facilities to provide protection.
CZSR Smart Series Safety Relay
CZSR Smart Series Safety Relay
CZSR Smart range is a smart safety controller product that can be flexibly configured with logic, and is suitable for small stand-alone automation equipment.

FAQ of Safety Relay

What is safety relay? + -

Safety relay offer an extra level of protection usually through a redundant wiring system. 

These relays are used to enable an monitor the signals between other safety devices such as safety switched sensors, light curtains, intrinsic safety barriers and isolators. In many cases, the safety relay can be paired with a safety PLC configurable safety relay or safety controller.

What is the difference between safety relay and normal relay? + -

Compared to a normal relay, a safety relay have mandatory steering contact arrangement assures protection when contact fusion happens. A safety relay is a module composed of multiple relays and logic circuits. It is a circuit composition unit. In order to achieve the correct and low malfunction feature and to minimize errors and failure values, and complete each other's faults in a fault state to enhance safety factors.

How does an intrinsically safe barrier work? + -

Safety relays are generally composed of two or more relays and electronic circuits, so as to complement each other's abnormal defects. Even if any component fails, it can diagnose the failure and enter a safe state. And it will not affect the shutdown instructions issued to the machine, ensuring the safety of production. From the structural point of view, the safety relay generally adopts a dual-channel structure, and the channels can diagnose each other, and use a forced-oriented relay to realize the diagnosis of the output contact fusion fault.

How do safety relays improve safety? + -

Like electrical panel box surge protector, safety relays are devices that implement safety functions. When a danger occurs, the safety relay will play a role in reducing the danger to an acceptable level. When an error occurs, the safety relay will initiate a safe and reliable response. Each safety relay monitors a specific function.

What are the main applications of safety relays? + -

Suitable for the application of electromagnetic door lock switch to ensure the safety of the work area.

It is suitable for the key to cooperate with the safety gate switch to detect the opening and closing of the door.

Applicable to safety gates, detecting the position of the door, opening or closing applications.

Suitable for light beam devices to prevent workers from entering the dangerous work area.

Applicable safety mat switch to confirm that workers can safely enter the hazardous work area.

Applicable  E-stop buttons, in case of emergency, stop the machine operation.

What's the line monitoring function of Safety Relay? + -

Line monitoring is the basic function for safety relay which is used into SIS, which all CHENZHU safety relay offerred and built to PCB. Just input the DO signal and safety relay will check the test pulse automatically. When pulse error happens, safety relay will cut off the output so that to ensure SIF to work.

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