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Application of Surge Protector Device in Urban Gas System

Mar 09 , 2022

With the gradual implementation of policies such as energy conservation and emission reduction and coal-to-gas conversion, town gas has developed rapidly and become one of the most critical energy sources for urban residents' production and living. However, the rapid development of town gas systems has brought about many safety management issues, and lightning protection safety product from spd supplier is one of the most important aspects.

Town gas systems mainly include gas storage sites, gas transmission metal pipes, electrical systems and electronic systems.

1. Surge protection devices for gas site electrical systems

(1) The signal cable of the building should be selected with a metal shielded cable, and it should be buried in the ground. The corresponding port of the inner core line in the signal cable of the electronic information system equipment room should be installed with an appropriate signal surge protector. The grounding terminal of the surge protection device and the empty wire of the cable core should correspond to the ground.

(2) The selection of signal surge protector for electronic information system should be based on the parameters such as the working frequency, transmission medium, transmission rate, transmission bandwidth, working voltage, interface type, and characteristic impedance of the line to select the appropriate dc surge protection device with small voltage standing wave ratio and small insertion loss.

(3) The surge protection device at all levels should be installed in the non-protection area of direct lightning strike, or at the junction of the direct lightning protection area and the first protection area and the first protection area and the second protection area.

2. The selection and adaptation of the signal surge protector

The weak current system in the urban gas station mainly includes the communication network, monitoring system, fire control system, etc. According to the different types of these equipment, the appropriate signal surge protection device is selected, as follows:

(1) Install a spd network at the front end of the network switch device. If there is a gigabit network transmission, a signal arrester can be selected.

(2) If the monitor transmits signals through the network, you can choose a three-in-one monitoring signal surge protector for power, network and control signals; install a video signal surge protector in front of the video matrix.

(3) The alarm host, linkage control panel, fire alarm broadcasting, intercom communication and other system signal transmission cables of the fire alarm control system are equipped with control signal surge protectors, which can be selected according to the specific situation.

To sum up, the surge protection device of the urban gas system is an important aspect of comprehensive lightning protection. It needs to be selected and adapted according to the characteristics of the weak current system of the gas station to achieve a good lightning protection effect.

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