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What is the Role of Signal Isolator

Oct 19 , 2021

1. The signal isolator can isolate input/output signals

On the one hand, the signal isolator can solve differences of ground reference points when the ground loop and equipment are interconnected. On the other hand, it can effectively remove the infinite radio frequency and electromagnetic interference that the line may be subjected to during the transmission process.

2. Signal isolator can facilitate isolation and distribution

When a signal isolator is connected to two or more receiving devices, any default in the circuit may lead to defection of the whole equipment and overwhelming load capacity of the transmitter so that this method is not advisable. The usual method is to connect a resistor in series in the loop and then connect the load in parallel to the resistor to obtain a voltage signal.

3. Signal isolatior can avoid power conflicts

Connect to the output loop-powered signal isolator that is powered by the receiving device through the signal output line and output the active signal of the field 4-wire transmitter to the receiving device after isolation, which not only avoids power conflicts, but also isolates the signal.

4. Signal conversion and isolation

The signal isolator has a signal conversion function, which can accept DC standard (or non-standard) signals, thermocouple signals, thermal resistance signals, potentiometer signals, and even AC signals and so on. It can output various signals required by users.