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Functions of the Signal Isolator

Oct 05 , 2021

Ⅰ. Introduction of the signal isolator

The signal isolator can monitor and control various automation instruments, control systems, and actuators in the industrial production process. The signal transmission between them includes small signals ranging from faint to millivolt level and microampere level, as well as large signals of tens of volts, thousands of volts, and hundreds of amperes. There are low-frequency DC signals, high-frequency pulse signals, and so on. After the system is constituted, the signal transmission between the instrument and the equipment often interferes with each other, causing the system to be unstable or even misoperated. Therefore, a signal isolator is required to realize monitoring and control.

Ⅱ. The role of the signal isolator

1. The signal isolator can isolate the input signal from the output signal, which is a main function of the signal isolator. On the one hand, the use of a signal isolator can solve the mutual interference between the loop and the equipment. On the other hand, it can effectively eliminate some external electromagnetic interference during line transmission.

2. The signal isolator can effectively avoid conflicts between power supplies. Many types of equipment are often used in industrial production. General machinery and equipment need to work in an environment with a power supply, and multiple power supplies often cause conflicts, which greatly affect the normal operation of the equipment. The use of signal isolators can effectively solve this problem so that each device can work in an orderly manner.

3. The signal isolator can carry out signal isolation and distribution to some equipment. Many devices often carry some loads, which inevitably require the use of resistors and wires. However, under normal circumstances, the length of the wire often affects the resistance of the device, and the change in resistance will affect the voltage of the entire device. The above problems can be solved perfectly with a signal isolator.

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