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How to Select the Signal Isolator?

Feb 23 , 2023

In addition to determining the function of the isolator and adapting to the front and rear end interfaces, there are many parameters such as accuracy, output ripple, temperature drift, power consumption, response time, etc. that need to be carefully considered by users when selecting the signal isolator.

1. The accuracy of the signal isolator

The accuracy of the isolator is a very important parameter, and the level of accuracy is directly related to whether the isolator can be used normally. The accuracy of the isolator reflects the design and manufacturing level of the isolator. Users should use products with high accuracy when choosing.

2. Temperature drift of signal isolator

Temperature drift: Due to the heat generated during the operation of the isolator, the performance indicators of the electronic components used in the isolator deteriorate, causing changes in the output value of the isolator. The smaller the value of temperature drift, the better. In order to prevent temperature drift, Paroken isolator products are designed with low power consumption and micro-power consumption, which makes the signal isolator work with little or no heat, so that it can prevent the performance index of the used components from decreasing due to the heat when the product works and prevent the temperature drift. Users should use products with small temperature drift when choosing.

3. Signal isolator with low power consumption

Power consumption refers to the electrical energy consumed when the signal isolator is working. It is related to the heat generated by the product at work, and this parameter is closely related to the service life, reliability and shape and the installation method of the isolator. When choosing the signal isolator, you should choose the product with low power consumption. The new technologies used in the circuit design of the isolator are: adaptive load technology in the output section that can dynamically adjust the output power according to the size of the load; current mutual inductance power compensation technology in the isolation section; and parametric switching regulator technology in the power section.

If the power consumption of the product is large, the heat generated when the product is working is large, resulting in a high temperature inside the product shell. The electronic components that make up the product are in a high temperature environment for a long time, which will lead to changes in operational amplifier parameters, resistor resistance changes, capacitor leakage increases, etc. These problems will make the product performance decline, and even lead to product failure.

4. Response time of signal isolator

The response time is the time from the change of the input quantity of the product to the output of the product that correctly reflects the change in the output. The shorter the response time, the truer it is to correctly reflect the change of the input quantity and the more effective to monitor and control the production process. When choosing a signal isolator, the shorter the response time, the better.