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Shanghai Chenzhu Instrument CO., LTD.

CHENZHU Participated in the IE expo 2021 show!

Jun 11 , 2021

IE expo China as Asia's Leading Trade Fair for Environmental Technology Solutions for water, waste, air, and soil. IE expo China, as Asia's biggest environmental technology event, is the ideal venue for professionals to grow their businesses, share ideas, and network. All exhibitors can demonstrate their latest innovations and solutions for their target clients, with an emphasis on the areas of water, waste, soil, and air.

chenzhu ieexp 11

CHENZHU highlighted our industrial signal processing solutions like signal surge protector solution at this event from April 22 to 24, particularly our environmental protection& monitoring system signal processing solution, which completely solves signal conversion, distribution, and isolation.

As an expert on automation safety, CHENZHU is always endeavoring to make progress.

chenzhu ieexp 12

Dragon Boat Festival Notice

Dear valued customer & friends

Please be informed that CHENZHU factory will be closed from 12th June until 14th June for Dragon Boat Festival. Our email is still operational during the holiday and normal business will resume on 15th Feb.

Wish you peace and health at Dragon Boat Festival

Thank you.

From Management and Staff


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