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The Role of Intrinsic Safe Barriers and the Four Advantages of Isolated Barriers

Oct 10 , 2022

Ⅰ. What is the role of intrinsic safety barriers?

The intrinsic safety barrier is an energy-limiting circuit between the field equipment and the control room equipment, which is used to limit the electrical energy supplied by the control room to the field instruments to a level that cannot generate sparks sufficient to detonate dangerous gases, also cannot generate the surface temperature of the instrument sufficient to detonate the dangerous gas, thereby eliminating the detonation source.

When selecting an intrinsic barrier, it must be considered that its model is compatible with the type of field instrument, and the compatibility of the intrinsic safe barrier with the requirements of intrinsically safe instruments and the impedance matching in the formed intrinsically safe system must also be considered.

The intrinsic safety barrier is also the safety retainer, and some also call it the safety energy limiter. It is mainly used in the intrinsic safety system and has a great effect. It can divert red flags and has an indispensable position in related industries.


Ⅱ. Product information of intrinsic safe barriers

The intrinsic safety barrier is a safety interface in the intrinsically safe circuit, which enables the signal to be transmitted in the safe area and the dangerous area, and guides the transmission of the signal, generally installed in the circuit of an intrinsically safe system or a circuit of a non-intrinsically safe system.

The so-called intrinsically safe explosion-proof system mainly refers to the equipment installed in a safe place and connected between the intrinsic safe barrier and the non-intrinsically safe electrical equipment. The intrinsic safety barrier occupies a very important position in the intrinsic safety system, and its performance is very good.

Because the intrinsic safety barrier is mainly designed between the field equipment and the equipment in the control room, no matter what state the equipment in the control room is in, even in a faulty state, it can also guarantee that the transmitted signal is safe.

Isolated barrier is a type of intrinsic safe barrier. Its design and manufacture can meet the requirements of intrinsically safe systems. Although this intrinsic safe barrier is more expensive than a Zener-type intrinsic safe barrier, its performance is very good, and it can bring many benefits to users.

Ⅲ. Four advantages of isolated barrier

1. The isolated intrinsic safety barrier adopts the method of three-way isolation and does not require grounding lines, which is very convenient during construction and design.

2. It can be used in dangerous areas, reducing the requirements of instruments in dangerous areas. Because the signal line does not need to be grounded, it can be protected from signal interference, and the isolation barrier improves the reliability of the system.

3. The isolated barriers for hazardous areas has good signal processing capability and can handle some resistance, galvanic and frequency signals.

4. It can output two signals, and the signals are isolated from each other, so that the same signal source can be used by two devices without any interference. Isolated intrinsic safe barriers can also improve the safety and insulation of electrical appliances.

Since the isolation intrinsic safety barrier adopts measures such as voltage limiting, current limiting and isolation, the isolated barrier can not only prevent dangerous energy from entering the dangerous site from intrinsically safe terminals, improve the intrinsically safe explosion-proof performance of the system, but also increase the anti-interference ability of the system, greatly improving the reliability of system operation.

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