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Enhancing Safety in Industrial Environments with Isolated Barriers

May 12 , 2024

Isolated barrier is used to connect between intrinsically safe circuits and non-intrinsically safe circuits, the voltage and current supplied to the intrinsically safe circuits are limited to a certain safe range of devices. It is set on the side of the safe place, when the intrinsically safe explosion-proof system fails, it can limit the energy that runs into the dangerous place within the safe value, so as to ensure the safety of on-site production.

Petrochemical Industry

In petrochemical production, the staff needs to use on-site instrumentation to monitor the pressure, temperature, flow, level, etc., in order to ensure that production can be carried out normally and smoothly. When explosive substances, oxygen, detonation source of these three conditions at the same time, will cause an explosion. The use of isolated barrier can eliminate the conditions for the formation of the explosion, to protect the safety of the field instrumentation equipment. Oxygen in the air can not be controlled, so the control of explosive substances and control of the detonation source is currently more commonly used safety principles.

Electric Power Facilities

The safe and stable operation of electric power facilities is crucial to the economic development of the whole society. Isolated barrier plays an important role in the protection of electric power facilities. By setting electromagnetic isolation barriers, the high-voltage areas in the power facilities can be effectively isolated to prevent people from accidentally entering and causing electric shock accidents. At the same time, these barriers can also reduce the impact of electromagnetic radiation on the surrounding environment and personnel, and improve the safety of power facilities.

Automated Production Line

With the continuous development of automation technology, automated production lines are widely used in industrial production. However, there are many equipments in the automated production line, and the risk of signal interference and collision between them increases. At this point, the role of the isolated barrier is particularly important. By setting up electromagnetic isolation barriers and physical isolation barriers, signal interference and collision risks between different devices can be effectively isolated to ensure the stable operation of automated production lines.

Instrumentation Industry

In the instrumentation industry, controlling the explosive range is also listed as a common safety principle. Isolated barriers limit the electrical energy of field instruments so that they cannot generate sparks capable of ignition and ignite the surface temperature of the instrument. Intrinsically safe technology eliminates hazards and ensures safety in the field. Isolated barrier acts as a safety keeper for the instrumentation control system, which is required to receive and process signals from the hazardous area and transmit them to the safe area or to a processed safe signal from the hazardous area.

The installation of an isolated barrier is required in plant engineering where there are electrical sparks from friction, electrostatic sparks, high temperatures, flammable and explosive gases, dusts, and volatiles. On the one hand, it ensures the signal transmission. On the other hand, it guarantees the safety of the lower circuits and avoids small losses.

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