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Overview and Characteristics of Surge Protection Device

Jul 15 , 2021

Ⅰ. Introduction of surge protection device

Surge protection device, also called thunder protection device, is an electronic device that provides safety protection for various electronic equipment, instruments, and communication lines. When a spike current or voltage is suddenly generated in the electrical circuit or communication circuit due to external interference, the surge protection device can conduct and shunt in a very short time to avoid the damage to other equipment in the circuit caused by the surge. 

SPD protection device is mainly used for the protection of transient overvoltages in low-voltage power distribution systems. Transient overvoltage refers to a violent pulse superimposed on the system's nominal voltage in the circuit, the amplitude can reach dozens of times of the nominal voltage, and the time duration is extremely short, generally including lightning overvoltage and operating overvoltage.

The surge protection device protects surges affected by indirect lightning and direct lightning or other transient overvoltage surges, which is suitable for the requirement of surge protection device in households, tertiary industries and industrial fields. For example, when lightning falls on buildings or near buildings and on transmission lines, it will intrude or induce transient overvoltages of tens of kilovolts, and intrude into the distribution circuit along the line to damage electrical and electronic equipment. In order to protect electrical and electronic equipment such as power transmitter from lightning and overvoltage damage, low-voltage power distribution systems must be equipped with surge protection devices

Ⅱ. The features of surge protection device

The features of surge protection device by CHENZHU, a professional company specializing in safety automation system

1. The surge protection device protects large flow with extremely low residual voltage and fast response time; 

2. The surge protection device uses new arc extinguishing technology to avoid fire; 

3. The surge protection device uses temperature control protection circuit with built-in thermal protection; 

4. The surge protection device has a power supply status indicator to indicate the working status; 

5. The structure of the surge protection device is rigorous and the operation is stable and reliable.

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