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Benefits of Safety Relays

Sep 01 , 2021

Ⅰ. The use of safety relay

Early engineers had major flaws in the design of the safety circuit and the safety device itself must be fault-free. With the development of society and people’s awareness of safety, safety circuits will be designed in the equipment to control the shutdown of the equipment and protect the lives of workers when the equipment fails or is dangerous. The core component of the safety circuit design is the safety relay. In order to avoid safety accidents caused by the above defects, a safety relay module is added to the safety circuit to monitor the status of these safety devices. When the safety device has a problem, the power circuit of the equipment can be cut off in time.

Ⅱ. The safety circuit built by the safety relay has the following advantages:

1. Redundant loop design;

2. The safety relay comes with a mandatory guiding mechanism;

3. There is short circuit detection between the two input channels;

4. Output signal feedback.

When the safety device fails, the AC contractor coil at the output of the safety relay loses power as long as one of the channels is disconnected due to its two-way input. Then the power circuit is disconnected so the equipment is shut down.

Due to the design of the intrinsically safe relay and the feedback design, when the safety device or AC contactor fails, it can also be found in time, which will not cause the failure of the safety device, greatly improving the safety of the equipment.

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